#2 is a solid medium brown with warm undertones.

Hybrid wefts are seamless, the top has a shiny, flat band structured with silk to help it lay flat to the head. These wefts combine the benefits of hand-tied and machine wefts. They lay flat to the head like hand-tied and can be cut like machine weft. The wefts do not need glue, tape or heat to install. These wefts come as 1 piece, so they are able to be cut to your client's head shape perfectly. 

Pieces per Bag: 

Full Bag: 1 piece measuring about 80 inches long

Half Bag: 1 piece measuring about 40 inches long

Lengths Available: 16" and 22”

Full Bag: 120 grams

Half Bag: 60 grams

For a full head of hair, we recommend 1 - 2 full bags or 1 full bag and 1 half bag. Half Hybrid Weft bags are best for just creating volume not adding length.

Hybrid Weft extensions are available to purchase in full and half bags. Providing full and half bags allows for maximum customization to create the perfect blend of colors and perfect thickness. Example: If your client matches #60 and #14/24 you can buy one HALF bag of #60 and one HALF bag of #14/24. If your client needs more than 1 FULL bag of hair but doesn't need 2 FULL bags you can purchase 1 FULL bag and 1 HALF bag. If your client only wants thickness, the full bag might be too thick so the half bag is more affordable with less hair.


Application of hybrid weft extensions can vary from 30 minutes to 3+ hours to install, depending on the number of rows needed and placement desires & skill.


Hybrid Weft extensions are flat wefts that are sewn into the hair, creating rows. To install, determine the size of the weft needed, amount of hair, and the number of rows to create the client's desired look - then install with your preference of installation. These extensions are reusable and totally customizable.

Questions and Concerns:
Feel free to email us at poppyproteam@gmail.com for any questions concerning Poppy Hair. Poppy Hair Hybrid Weft Extensions are FINAL SALE and are non-refundable, so keep this in mind before purchasing. 

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