Single Sided Tape Tabs work with all Poppy Hair Tape In Extensions. The Single Sided Tape Application is best for thinner hair because it places less weight on the hair. Tape In extensions are normally installed with two tape hair wefts to form a "sandwich" bond, but sometimes two wefts can be too heavy for some hair types this is when the Single Sided Application is a better choice. 

Instructions: These tape tabs are made for the single-sided application method of a custom tape in install, you will notice the tape is sticky on one side and smooth on the other. Simply remove the old tape adhesive with Poppy Hair Extension Release, adhere the single-sided replacement tape to one piece because the tape works as a bond holder, instead of using a second weft as you would in a traditional tape in install.

Keep in mind, you will need both replacement tape tabs & single sided tape tabs for a single sided application. Single Sided Tape replaces one of the two tape in wefts, so you will still need traditional replacement tape tabs for the actual weft. Imagine this pattern: hair weft, replacement tape tab on the weft (like normal), then a section of hair to be sandwiched, then a single sided tape tab goes on top of that (where you would normally put a second hair weft).  

This tape is long lasting, pre-cut and non-damaging. This method is perfect for thin or fine hair, it will give you volume but hide tape ins easier and not be as heavy! 

The tapes are made of hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive and a polyurethane carrier for flexibility. With proper care, this tape will hold for 4-8 weeks. Removes easily with Poppy Hair Extension Release.

120 Tabs Per Package